UNLV Screening Review

"My Health Law Program together with the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine recently screened a film called States of Grace. The medical, clinical, ethical, social, and legal issues raised by the film are tremendous, especially for their teaching and learning capacity. At UNLV, we screened this film on September 21, 2016, to educate our community's medical students, medical residents, law students, local physicians, practicing attorneys, and other health and health-related/supporting professionals in Las Vegas. It was a huge success. The film comes with a Viewer's Guide and a Medical Case History that is very helpful for health professional students and health professionals. I also gathered all the legal pleadings in the case against the Golden Gate bridge and made a special torts and health law-related worksheet for my law students to complete following the film, helping them to identify and better understand the torts and health law related issues in the film."

— Stacey Tovino, Lehman Professor of Law and Director of the
Health Law Program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas