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Grace hoped that something positive would come out of the ordeal of her accident and she sees the film as a way to contribute something to the world—one more piece in her long legacy of being of service to others as a physician and a Buddhist. We share that aspiration and have seen how audiences are moved by her story and the many profound lessons embedded within it. We hope the film and the written materials we’ve developed will be inspiring educational resources in your community!

- Helen S. Cohen and Mark Lipman, filmmakers

Screening Kit

We've created the States of Grace Screening Kit to enhance your use of the film and it contains a discussion guide to help you facilitate a thoughtful post-film discussion. Each Screening Kit includes:

       Discussion Guide (printed version included with DVD)
       FAQs with main cast and filmmakers (downloadable)
       Grace's Medical Case History (downloadable)


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"An amazing film that poetically captures the many layers of triumph and struggle experienced by both patients and caregivers. Remarkable in its honesty, surprising in its humor, and gripping in its ability to take viewers to unexpected places."

Robert Saper, MD, MPH, 
Associate Professor of Family Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine

"A riveting documentary, 'States of Grace' tackles complex and difficult caregiving issues with frankness, poignancy, and empathy for all involved. Heart-felt and inspiring."

Kathleen A. Kelly, 
Executive Director, 
Family Caregiver Alliance: National Center on Caregiving

"A precious gift to the disability community, which has been hurt by many heroic expectations and misguided spiritual teachings. I think about disability rights as the hard-won right to be ordinary; 'States of Grace' reinforces that right with great compassion."

Beth Smith, LCSW, MA, Clinical Supervisor, Through the Looking Glass