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Share this powerful story with your school, hospital, place of worship, or professional organization. 

Grace hoped that something positive would come out of the ordeal of her accident and she sees the film as a way to contribute something to the world—one more piece in her long legacy of being of service to others as a physician and a Buddhist. We share that aspiration and have seen how audiences are moved by her story and the many profound lessons embedded within it. We hope the film and the written materials we’ve developed will be inspiring educational resources in your community!

- Helen S. Cohen and Mark Lipman, filmmakers

To arrange a screening at an educational institution, healthcare facility, Zen center, or other community venue, you may rent the film for one-time use. States of Grace is available in DVD and streaming. 

Fees vary depending on type of institution and audience size. Some restrictions may apply. Filmmakers Helen S. Cohen & Mark Lipman and film subject Dr. Grace Dammann may be available for post-screening Q&A for an additional honorarium plus travel expenses. We’ll provide you with everything you need to plan a successful screening.


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