Post-Screening Review from NYU

Grace Dammann is literally a never say die person. In 2010, when her bones were shattered, internal organs damaged and her life forever changed in a motor vehicle accident, she leveraged her considerable vitality and drive to create a new path forward. In States of Grace, she shares with the viewer her journey. She is constructive and direct as she faces each obstacle. Daily, problems large and small need to be confronted and solved as she lives the embodiment of what it means to be resilient. She creates ways to find and grow meaning and fulfillment in her home life with her family, and in her professional life as a physician. Her journey teaches that while change may not always be welcome, it is ours to answer. Her spirit inspires in this informative and uplifting biopic. It is an informative film to share with friends, family, students, colleagues and others. For those of us in the medical profession, the film reminds us that while our technologies offer the promise of healing, that it is in partnership with each patient that healing magic happens.

Pamela B. Rosenthal, MD
Section Chief Rheumatology
Bellevue Hospital Center
NYU School of Medicin