AMWA’s Nationwide Screening Series of STATES OF GRACE

States of Grace gives us a way to help students connect with patients beyond the textbook, to understand the journey of pain, loss, and resilience by living through the experience of the film.  Too often, patients are the “other.” All it takes is a moment for them not to be the other but for the “other” to be us.  This is a way for us to learn about compassionate care.  Too often, we don’t understand what it means to listen to our patients and understand what their priorities are. This is the essence of what our students need to be taught while learning to be a doctor.

— Dr. Laura Roebuck


What does it mean to be a doctor?  What happens when the doctor becomes a patient? How can we teach our students about the patient experience so that they can be more compassionate doctors?  

STATES OF GRACE FILM: A Journey of Loss, Resilience and Renewal

Dr. Grace Dammann was a prominent HIV/AIDS physician who was honored by the Dalai Lama for her extraordinary work during the height of the epidemic. In 2008, a routine commute across the Golden Gate Bridge turned tragic for Grace when another driver crashed head on into her car. Though she miraculously survived, she spent more than a year in rehabilitation hospitals and then faced a future of ongoing rehab and healing.

Winner of multiple awards, States of Grace intimately captures the profound transformation of this revered physician and her family in the wake of a life-changing accident. With humor and candor, the film intimately shares their story as Grace struggles to discover new purpose in her radically altered life as a person and as a physician.

Longtime AMWA member and supporter, Dr. Laura Roebuck, attended the film screening at the 2017 AMWA Annual Meeting and was so moved by the film’s message that she funded a grant to support a national screening series with the hope that every medical student and every medical provider could see this film.


  1. Fill out the Screening Application Form. Once your screening application has been approved, you’ll receive instructions on how to receive your States of Grace Screening Kit which will contain an exhibition DVD and printed viewer discussion guide.
  2. Once your screening has been approved, the step-by-step Screening Guide will walk you through everything you need to host a successful event!

If you're unable to host a screening, but still want to share States of Grace with your community, please see the special AMWA EDUCATIONAL DVD info below. 


We are pleased to provide our AMWA partners and chapters supplemental resources to make the most of your screenings of the film. In this section of the website you can access and download the Screening Guide, and Feedback Form.

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Through an exclusive partnership with States of Grace, AMWA chapters that are not in a position to organize a screening but would like to use the DVD in classrooms or in AMWA chapter offices/libraries can purchase an Educational DVD at a 30% discount. Purchase instructions are below.


DVD Includes:

  • Chapters for easy reference
  • Spanish Subtitles
  • Closed Captioning
  • English Subtitles for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired
  • Audio Description for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Relevant Subjects:
Medicine, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing / Caregiving, Religious Studies, LGBTQ, Gender & Sexuality, Aging & Gerontology, Sociology / Psychology, Social Work, Mental Health, Film Studies


There are only a few quick steps to follow in order to receive your States of Grace DVD:

  1. Visit New Day, our educational distributor, where you can purchase the film.

  2. Select the Institutions (Colleges/Universities) license and complete your order.

  3. Enter the code “AMWA30” to receive the 30% discount.

  4. Visit our website where you can download the full Viewer's Guide which includes a discussion guide, FAQs, and Grace's medical case history.